What is SnapStyk?
SNAPSTYK™ is the first patented Bluetooth enabled phone case and selfie stick in one.

What makes SnapStyk different?
Snapstyk protects your phone while providing added stability, better angles and a wider shot when taking selfies without the extra mounts and sticks. The Bluetooth enabled Styk automatically connects to your device when in use and disconnects once the Styk is retracted. The slim design allows the user to slip their Snapstyk into their pocket or bag when not in use.

Tell me more about the company
We had a vision and started a journey to make it happen. The idea originated in the streets of NYC and materialized with the help of the many people who believed in us. We started small, worked hard and are so excited to bring SnapStyk to market for everyone to enjoy. We are very proud of our product and hope that you love it as much as we do!

Does Snapstyk has a patent?
Snapstyk's unique design and utility are Patent Protected.( US 9,473,190B1)

Can I buy SnapStyk in a store or from another online retailer?
Below is a list of stores and online retailers currently stocking Snapstyk.

Macy’s nationwide and online
Nordstrom – “Pop-in Shop” locations only and online
Saks fifth Ave Select stores and online
Free People – online only

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Will you be making SnapStyk cases for other phones models?
For sure! We are always evaluating our assortment and your feedback is the best way for us to understand what our customers want. Contact us at info@snapstyk.com to let us know your wish list and keep in the loop by following us on social media for new product announcements!
Can I make a return?
We hope you love your Snapstyk. But if for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied, it’s super simple to return with our 30 day returns policy. Visit our returns page for detailed information.
How do I contact you?
We love to hear from you!  
For any inquiries email us at info@snapstyk.com.